Developed by: Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (Website)

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LanduseSIM is a cellular automaton simulator. It requires only one LULC raster, and uses user-defined suitability and transition rules to simulate future land cover. It is used to predict land use/land cover change in spatial term through modeling process. In the version of 2.2 the simulation follows the initial transition map/ suitability values and processes by filtering the values (including the constraint, and elasticity of conversion), rank, and allocation. LanduseSim is build to focus on planning (predict future based on scenarios) than trend-based projection. It also allows new LULC type in scenarios.

INPUT - REQUIRED [Spatial] Land use/land cover map, initial transition map or suitability map for each land use/land cover that are selected for growth [Non-spatial] Growth (as number of cells), neighborhood filter, CA-time step
INPUT - OPTIONAL [Spatial] Conversion probability map for each LULC to grow, spatial constraints, LULC Conversion Elasticity [Non-spatial] dynamic constraints
OUTPUT A series LULC map during simulation (decided by how-much CA-Time step was used)

Growth: user input

Allocation: user-defined rules, zoning plan, constraint, conversion, etc.

COST USD 1,000 (for private) - USD 3,500 (for organizations) single license + including technical supports for one year
FORM Standalone software, compatible with Windows 7 & Windows 8
SCALE/RESOLUTION Flexible. Generally has been used on: 25meter square (5mx5m)-urban, 100meter square (10mx10m)-urban area, 2500meter square (50mx50m)-nonurban, and 1Ha (100meters x 100 meters)-nonurban
REQUIRE GIS TOOL TO RUN THE MODEL? No. However GIS tools are required to prepare suitability or transition maps as model input. ArcGIS Toolbox available to create the LanduseSim input data.
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